Exclusive treatments

Exclusive medical-aesthetic treatments

Always seeking to innovate, Dr. Escoda and her team have developed a series of exclusive treatments as a result of their years of study and research in the latest aesthetic medicine techniques.

All of them maintain the premises of providing customised solutions, integrators and in pursuit of completely natural results.

Revitalist© is the innovative and exclusive combined facial rejuvenation treatment, designed and patented by Dr. Escoda.

The objective of the Revitalist © program is to enhance the natural beauty of the face by recovering lost volumes over time and softening expression wrinkles progressively.

Revitalist, exclusive combination treatment of botox and hyaluronic acid for facial rejuvenation in Barcelona.
Gold Facial, facial treatment to deeply rehydrate the three layers of the skin

Gold Facial©is the innovative and exclusive treatment from Dr. Escoda to deeply rehydrate the three layers of the skin (from the most superficial, the epidermis, to the deepest layers of the dermis and hypodermis).

The result is a radiant, juicy and elastic skin, in just one session! Ready for you to show your best face at any event or place. A result of a personalised combination of non-invasive and painless medical-aesthetic treatments.

Have you tried losing weight unsuccessfully, no matter how many diets or exercises you try?

If this is your case, then you should know that being overweight and metabolic diseases such as prediabetes, high blood pressure or dyslipidemia do not have a single origin: they are multifactorial.

To defeat them once and for all you have to attack on several different fronts. A comprehensive multidisciplinary therapy based on a physical activity program and a nutrition program, accompanied by supplementation, that lead to a lifestyle change is needed.

Full body slimming treatment, Aesthetic Medical Center Dr Escoda in Barcelona
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