Gold Facial

Gold Facial©is the innovative and exclusive treatment from Dr. Escoda to deeply rehydrate the three layers of the skin (from the most superficial, the epidermis, to the deepest layers of the dermis and hypodermis).

The result is a radiant, juicy and elastic skin, in just one session! Ready for you to show your best face at any event or place. A result of a personalised combination of non-invasive and painless medical-aesthetic treatments.

To perform the Gold Facial treatment, start by treating the most superficial layer of the skin, or corneal layer, performing a gentle peel that removes dead cells in order to increase the luminosity and facilitate the penetration of creams and products. The skin is then prepared for the next phase, through a special massage based on a moisturising gel with gold particles, which will increase the efficiency by acting as transmitters of the radiofrequency system that we are going to apply.

Gold Facial, an innovative and exclusive treatment with gold to deeply rehydrate the three layers of the skin in one visit

Then the INDIBA radio frequency system is applied to the epidermis and dermis , which stimulates the natural production of active collagen and elastin, drains dark circles and bags around the eyes, reaffirms the skin and helps eliminate toxins, sagging and swelling. The radiofrequency energy produced by the INDIBA system, nourishes and revitalizes the skin by tensioning fibres through local and contracted heating of the tissues.

Next, the dermis is deeply nourished through mesotherapy, injecting vitamins in the skin painlessly and effectively. The skin increases luminosity, receives nutrients and an extra supply of antioxidants.

The treatment concludes with a complementary deep massage in the fatty tissues of the hypodermis to the muscular layer, at the hands of our professional experts that reactivates the circulation and eliminates any type of tension. You will leave feeling completely relaxed!

The Gold Facial treatment produces visible results on your face in one visit.

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