Revitalist ©

Revitalist© is the innovative and exclusive combined facial rejuvenation treatment, designed and patented by Dr. Escoda.

Through a gentle and non-surgical manner, a polishing of the face is carried out through a hyaluronic acid treatment, applying different densities to the measure of each specific area of the face, in combination with a botox treatment. The objective of the Revitalist © program is to enhance the natural beauty of the face by recovering lost volumes over time and softening expression wrinkles progressively. The program is completed with a painless mesotherapy based on microinjections of vitamins that enhance the luminosity of the skin and provide extra nutrients and antioxidants.

As in any treatment carried out by Dr. Escoda, the program is carried out in a completely individualized manner and the results are progressive and natural.

Revitalist, exclusive combination treatment of botox and hyaluronic acid for facial rejuvenation in Barcelona.

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