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Body treatments

The medical-aesthetic treatments of Dr. Escoda begin by listening to the needs of our patients and recommend only what we consider most appropriate for each case, adjusting our recommendations to a personalised program to achieve real goals and natural results.

We accompany each person until they find the combination of treatments that suits them. We work holistically, treating the body as a whole and accompanying our aesthetic programs of dietary recommendations, daily routines and an exercise program adapted to the lifestyle of each patient.

We specialise in body treatments to lose weight without losing muscle mass, to reduce cellulite in the legs, reduce fat volume, and reaffirm and tone the body accompanied by an anti-aging diet.

Cellulite and localised fat reducing treatments

Each body is unique and each case requires a prior study in order to be able to recommend a set of personalised treatments.

First, we will study the areas to be treated by differentiating whether it is cellulite or localised fat and if the skin has sagging or good muscle tone.

To do this, we will start with an anthropometric study using the Tanita method, which gives us information on health status, weight, ideal weight (or as Dr. Escoda likes to call it, “your healthy weight”), in addition to the information on your body fat, water and muscle.

Doctor Escoda, Carboxytherapy, anti-cellulite body treatment against localized fat and flaccidity in Barcelona

Taking into account this information, plus that which was obtained through direct clinical analysis, we will assess the most appropriate treatment for each person: a personalised combination of apparatus to be used, type of mesotherapy and diet. We will explain in detail why these solutions are applied and not others in your particular case. We will be totally honest and transparent about the results and improvements that you can achieve.

To measure your progress objectively, we will set goals, measure and study your evolution. In addition, you will always have us by your side as coaches to accompany you in the process also working on your mood and motivation. We want your treatment to be integrated into your day-to-day for optimal and lasting results, so that “looking better” is also transformed into an overall improvement in your health.

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