Alidya Treatment

What is the Alidya treatment?

Alidya treatment consists of an injectable medical mesotherapy procedure (painless intradermal microinjections) specifically indicated for the prevention and treatment of cellulite. It acts by regenerating the patient’s adipose tissue, making the skin recover a normal appearance quickly and safely.

Dr. Escoda, Alyda, anti-cellulite body treatment against localized fat and sagging in Barcelona

Alidya treatment Benefits

  • Drainage of areas with fluid retention
  • Volume loss
  • Anti-cellulite
  • Elimination of localised fat

What are the recommended areas for the Alidya treatment?

Similar to the treatment of homeopathic mesotherapy, the main difference of the Alidya treatment is that it is recommended for every patient who has cellulite through fluid retention.

Alidya treatment application

It is applied weekly and requires an accompanying nutritional diet.

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