Flowave Treatment

What is the Flowave Treatment?

Flowave is a draining treatment by low frequency electrotherapy for the treatment of edema, lymphedemas and slow circulation. Reactivation of the lymphatic system is achieved through bioresonance.

Flowave treatment against cellulite and fluid retention. Aesthetic Medicine Center Doctor Escoda, Barcelona

Flowave treatment Benefits

The Flowave treatment is painless and non-invasive on lymphatic tissues, guaranteeing the drainage of accumulated metabolic waste products, eliminating edema and fluid retention.

In which cases is the Flowave treatment recommended?

The Flowave treatment acts on edema (swelling), lymphedemas (swelling caused by fluid accumulation when the lymphatic system is not able to drain lymph), phlebolinfedemas (edema of the limbs generated by a venous insufficiency that causes an accumulation of fluids that it results in an overload of the lymphatic system), veno-lymphatic stasis (slow circulation, especially in the legs). Their results are observed in real time and continued, with re-educating effect even in the days following the treatment.

We recommend Flowave in combination with reducing treatments when we find a circulatory deficit. Legs swollen, with pain or fluid retention and have not been successful in anti-cellulite treatments.

Flowave treatment application

The cells of the body are in continuous oscillatory movement, essential in the maintenance of life, as through this the cells eliminate toxins, absorb nutrients and oxygen. This constant oscillatory movement produces a vibration at a frequency of 400 Hz. Flowave emits waves that reproduce these frequencies, an emission that, together with the effect of bioresonance, is capable of penetrating up to 6 cm into the organic tissue, producing beneficial effects on the organism. Bioresonance is the cause of the macromolecule fragmentation process. The sound waves are responsible for the reactivation of the movement of the cell, achieving cell stimulation and regeneration, as well as the movement of ions through the cell membrane.

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