Hyaluronic acid treatments

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a very abundant natural sugar in the human body, which function is to hydrate, since it retains water between its molecules and retains it inside the skin tissues.

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The benefits of hyaluronic acid

The treatments with hyaluronic acid are an excellent skin aging prevention system, since it not only serves to attenuate the signs of the passage of time but also helps prevent its appearance.

It’s used to give volume to the tissues and deeply hydrate them.

Hyaluronic acid comes in different densities appropriate for different types of tissue. To increase its effectiveness, Dr. Escoda and her team determine on each occasion the most appropriate for each specific area of the face.

Why you shouldn’t fear hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is integrated into tissues naturally over time, our body gradually eliminates it without our skin suffering any negative side effects. On the contrary, an improvement is perceived.

There are many densities and brands of hyaluronic acid but Dr. Escoda and her team only work with the best qualities offered by the market.

In any case, our medical team will address any questions you may have.

Specific hyaluronic acid treatments for each area of the face


Together with the nose, it is one of the most prominent points of the face and gives it character and determination: an underdeveloped chin loses the proportions of the face. In this area a denser type of hyaluronic acid is used to tighten the tissues and reinforce the angle of the jaw, drawing its contour more clearly, since one of the most obvious signs of the passage of time is the lack of definition of the chin and facial features.

In men, the definition of the chin produces a more marked and masculine face and in women it elevates the skin and refines the contours. In mature people, the lost volume is recovered whose decrease can darken the face and cause the appearance of wrinkles in the corner of the mouth.


The area that shows the passing of time the most. The skin and fat of the cheek droop, giving this area a flaccid and aged appearance. We treat the face with hyaluronic acid at specific points so that it begins to rise.


Treating the cheekbones is the first step to correct a droopy face. Hyaluronic acid is used to elevate and give definition to the cheekbones and makes the face look longer and more feminine in women, eliminating sagging and filling out the contours. It also works on young people who don’t have naturally defined cheekbones.


When the temples sink over time, they give off a sad and sickly appearance. Hyaluronic acid fills them, achieving a healthier, well-rested and fresh appearance, tightening the face and preventing sagging.


Sunken cheeks give the face a sickly look. Hyaluronic acid treatment aids them in quickly recovering their smoothness.

Under eye hollows

They give an aspect of permanent fatigue. When treated with hyaluronic acid, a fresher and healthier appearance is recovered.


A type of mild hyaluronic acid is used to blur the lines of the rictus around the lips, better known as “the barcode” that appears with age. In younger people, the treatment delays its appearance.

Hyaluronic acid increases the volume of the lips, moisturizes them and draws their contours more clearly, recovering or acquiring a juicy and sensual appearance.

Corners of the mouth

Over the years, the skin of the cheeks droop on the corners of the mouth, drawing the face down which gives a sad and bitter look to the face. Hyaluronic acid elevates them providing a healthier and more cheerful appearance.

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