Profhilo Treatment

What is the Profhilo treatment?

The Profhilo treatment is based on the use of hyaluronic acid that counteracts the laxity of the skin, achieving deep hydration and an immediate tightening effect on the body.

Profhilo Treatment Benefits

  • Immediate tensile effect
  • It nourishes the cells of the dermis deeply
  • Recover the skin’s firmness in the long run

What are the recommended areas for the Profhilo treatment?

Profhilo treatment is especially used in the arms, neckline and neck.

Profhilo treatment application

Normally, this treatment requires between two to three sessions.

Hyaluronic acid is injected into small bolus under the skin, which expand through the surrounding tissue in 24 hours, moisturizing and tightening the skin.

Velashape II treatment combinations

The Velashape II treatment can be combined with any of our other slimming treatments:

  • Carboxytherapy: Oxygenator treatment that helps to oxygenate the area to be treated and activate the circulation to produce a greater blood supply, and therefore, generate a greater supply of nutrients in the area, dissolve the adipocytes (cells that store fat) and drain them.
  • Homeopathic mesotherapy: intradermal injections that, in combination with Velashape treatment, enhance the decrease in sagging and cellulite or fatty panicle.
  • Alidya: Medical mesotherapy indicated for legs with edema (pain in the legs caused by inflammation), heaviness or fluid retention. The perfect combination to treat these conditions together with the firming qualities of the Velashape treatment.
  • Hifu Utimis: A high-power ultrasonic treatment. It emits a mechanical vibration that generates heat through shocks, dissolving the fatty panicles enhancing the reaffirmation process. It serves to reinforce the effects of Velashape treatment, promoting fat removal and toning.

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