Fine wrinkles and aging skin

To correct the incipient or fine wrinkles we need to regenerate the collagen of the tissues that has been naturally lost over the years due to sun exposure and hormonal changes. It is very important to study each particular case to offer a series of treatments and solutions tailored to your needs.

Dr. Escoda treats fine wrinkles with several consecutive and complementary treatments to achieve overall results.

First, she prescribes a routine of cosmetic care at home to regenerate the skin that will also increase the effectiveness and results of the treatments that will be applied later in the consultation.

Then, the RESURFIX laser will be applied to regenerate damaged skin from inside in combination with PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, which regenerates and repairs damaged collagen.

Finally, a stimulating hyaluronic acid treatment that moisturizes and smooths the skin is applied.

To achieve a comprehensive and really effective treatment, Dr. Escoda combines these medical treatments with an anti-aging diet that nourishes the skin from the inside and reinforces the rejuvenation processes we have applied.

Dr. Nuria Escoda, Aesthetic Medicine Center specializing in rejuvenation with botox and hyaluronic acid in Barcelona

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